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Give this place a try!

Neike (pronounced Nike) and Alba are not only superbly courteous, but also very accommodating. They help you with what you need but are never pushy as regards a sale. They have a very nice selection of glasses- we got my husband some great Gucci and Ray Ban eyeglasses. As regards prices, you will easily spend around $300 plus for the glasses, more for the designer brands, including all the added benefits such as anti-glare.

The reason I buy here versus other places is that they work with many vision insurance programs, they give you $20 credit for every person you refer, and all glasses come with a TWO year warranty with NO copay! My husband has scratched his glasses at least 5 times and we just call in and they order the new lenses no questions asked. When they come in, they call him, swap the lenses, and voila, finito!

As regards Dr. Obregon, he is equally amazing. He takes his time with you and talks to you and works to help you find just the right contact for you. My husband has severe astigmatism in one eye and has never been able to find the right contact. The last doctor said he couldn't use soft lenses and said he had to use special order lenses that were $600!!!!!

When we visited Dr. Obregon, we found out that was not the case and he was able to work with him and find him a disposable pair he could finally use. Ever since then, we have never gone elsewhere.  So please, next time you're in need of some new spectacles, give this place a try!



- P.D.