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COVID-19 Update: Re-opening Protocols

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May 5, 2020

To all our patients and customers:

Envision Optique is happy to announce that as of today WE ARE OPEN. Our office is open for in-person appointments, follow-ups, and eyewear dispensing. Due to COVID-19, we are taking extra precautions to maintain a healthy and safe environment for your appointment. Here are the preventative measures being taken in addition to our normal disinfecting procedures.

  • All staff will wear a mask and gloves, which are changed and disinfected regularly.
  • All equipment used for pretesting, examination, and follow-up is sanitized before and after each patient use.
  • All frames tried on during the frame selection process are disinfected thoroughly according to manufacturer guidelines before being replaced on our displays.
  • After each and every patient, countertops, chairs, light switches, doorknobs, mirrors, sinks, or faucets touched during a patient visit are sanitized.
  • Frequently touched areas such as door handles and credit card pin pad are cleaned multiple times throughout the day.
  • Front Optical Area has been stripped of items such as brochures and magazines.
  • Bathroom is regularly checked and sanitized after each use.

To ensure those visiting Envision Optique are safely doing so, we are asking the following: We ask that all patients wear a mask and attend their appointment alone. COVID-19 screening questions will be asked and submitted online prior to entering. Everyone will receive a link by email or text, to fill out remotely and submit to the office. Once received this will be kept as part of the record. Additionally, all patients will receive hand sanitizer and touchless temperature screening.


  1. Have you recently traveled to an area of high-risk for COVID-19?
  2. Have you been around someone who recently traveled to a high-risk area and is also sick?
  3. Have you been around someone who is known to have the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
  4. Have you been told by a health official that you may have been exposed to the virus?
  5. Have you had a fever recently? Or do you think you have a fever?
  6. Do you have a cough?
  7. Do you have excessive fatigue or body aches?
  8. Are you feeling mild to moderate shortness of breath or mild to moderate difficulty breathing?
  9. Are you experiencing symptoms that feel like a life-threatening medical emergency?
  10. COVID-19 can affect people who have weaker immune systems from things like chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS, organ transplant, being pregnant, or prolonged steroid use. Do you have a weakened immune system from a known cause?

Thank you for your trust in us. We look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

Stay healthy and safe,

- Dr. Michael Obregon and Staff


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